Final Expense Insurance.

Is it right for me?

Is Final Expense Insurance right for me?

Final Expense Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance coverage designed to provide protection for your family by locking in benefits to pay for end-of-life final expenses.

Final Expense Insurance may be right for you:

  • Have a tight budget or fixed income and need a premium that won’t increase

  • Need coverage for burial, funeral, or other final expenses, or to pay off debts

  • Would like to supplement existing insurance coverage

  • Want to build cash value and have access to funds in an emergency

What’s included in a Final Expense policy?


Gauranteed coverage that lasts the rest of your life

Premiums gauranteed not to increase

Potential cash value that grows on a tax deferred ** basis

A set benefit to be paid to your designated beneficiaries at your death

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between final expense and whole life policies?

Like whole life plans, final expense plans have a fixed premium and fixed death benefit. However, final expense a whole life policy includes cash value and includes the death benefit for covering burials and or cremation. Final Expense has a lower premiums to accompany the smaller death benefit.

How much does final expense nsurance cost?

In general, final expense is a highly affordable type of insurance, and the premium will never increase. Your premium takes into account your current age at the time of issue, your gender, and your death benefit amount.

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