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What’s the best option for me?

The Best Life Insurance for Me.

Life insurance coverage is your opportunity to provide for and protect the people you love most.

By putting a plan in place to cover expenses that would occur in the event of your death, you can help secure their long-term financial future.

Providing you with the best Whole Life, Term Life and Universal Life policies from the best insurance companies in the industry is what Willis Insurance Group does best.

We take into account your unique situation and tailor coverage and cost to fit your needs, even with health issues.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance coverage designed to provide protection for your family by locking in benefits that can help pay for end-of-life expenses, as well as cash value that can be accessed in an emergency.

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Term Life Insurance

This affordable, simple coverage helps protect your family by replacing your lost income in the event of a death. Term life lasts for a specific amount of time and its payments will never increase.

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Universal Life Insurance

Universal life is permanent, flexible insurance coverage. It includes the opportunity to adjust the premium and the death benefit, as well as accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis.

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Final Expense Whole Life Insurance may be right for you:

  • Have a tight budget or fixed income and need a premium that won’t increase

  • Need coverage for burial, funeral, or other final expenses, or to pay off debts

  • Would like to supplement existing insurance coverage

  • Want to build cash value and have access to funds in an emergency

What are some benefits of Whole Life Insurance?


Gauranteed coverage that lasts the rest of your life


Premiums gauranteed not to increase

Potential cash value that grows on a tax deferred ** basis

A set benefit to be paid to your designated beneficiaries at your death

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between universal life and whole life policies?

Whole life and universal life are both forms of permanent life insurance, so they are similar in many respects. They both offer a death benefit that lasts throughout your lifetime as well as cash value. However, whole life has a fixed coverage amount and a fixed premium payment that will never increase. Universal life has both more flexibility and more risk.

What's the difference between universal life and term life policies?

Term life and universal life are substantially different products. Universal life has a variable premium and death benefit amount, whereas term is fixed; universal life is a permanent life insurance product that accumulates cash value, whereas term life only lasts for a certain period of time and only includes a death benefit. In essence, while term life is focused on simple, temporary protection, universal life is intended to provide a lifetime of flexible protection with some investment potential.

Do I need a Medical Exam?

In most cases a medicam is not needed, even with health issues. Answer a few simple questions on the application about your health for the approval process.

How can having an agent help me?

Because universal life is such a personalized product that needs to be tailored to your individual needs, working with our experienced agents is a must.

We will ask you questions about your family, life situation, and financial needs to help you develop your goals, then clarify your options and help you choose the right policy to achieve your goals. As your agent we will also answer your questions and help you implement your life insurance plan.

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